Unstoppable Domains + Auth0

This is a sample application that demonstrates the Unstoppable Domains social connection for Auth0, using Next.js. The source code for this live demo is available to show how to quickly bootstrap your app with Web3 identity.

What can I do next?

Configure Other Identity Providers

Auth0 supports social providers as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and 100+, Enterprise providers as Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, Azure, and more. You can also use any OAuth2 Authorization Server.

Enable Multifactor Authentication

Add an extra layer of security by enabling Multi-factor Authentication, requiring your users to provide more than one piece of identifying information. Push notifications, authenticator apps, SMS, and DUO Security are supported.

Attack Protection

Auth0 can detect anomalies and stop malicious attempts to access your application. Attack protection can alert you and your users of suspicious activity, as well as block further login attempts.

Learn About Rules

Rules are JavaScript functions that execute when a user authenticates to your application. They run once the authentication process is complete, and you can use them to customize and extend Auth0's capabilities.